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caden howlett

field geologist & science communicator

Tangra Yumco Rift
south-central Tibet

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Hello, I'm Caden.  I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Arizona broadly interested in continental tectonics and the development of Cordilleran fold-thrust belts.

I am working with my advisors Barbara Carrapa and Peter DeCelles to determine the kinematics of the Andean thrust belt between 32-35°S.  I have an additional dissertation chapter dedicated to the regional development of the Helena salient in west-central Montana.

​My research interests involve integrating geologic mapping, low-T thermochronology, geochronology, and thermal history modeling.  My work intends to place such constraints in a regional context that enables the testing and/or creation of tectonic and geodynamic models.

I sometimes write essays on topics in science and philosophy on my Instagram and create YouTube videos that focus primarily on the dissemination of geoscience research and tips for success at the undergraduate and graduate level. 

See some recent YouTube creations below:


Frontal Cordillera, Argentine Andes

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Tucson, AZ, USA

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